Visser Maas bak ballas vir Ramfest!

Visser Maas sal enige iets doen vir ‘n Ramfest kaartjie die hardboiled vent het nie gehuiwer om sy linker klinker en regter vegter op die lyn te sit nie.

Soms is roer eiers meer as genoeg om jou te laat kots!

Tomorrow is judgementday!

The 6th of February is judgement day as Ramfest will hopefully announce the replacement act for As I Lay Dying.

As I Lay Dying recently cancelled their Ramfest gig and decided to tour with The Devil Wears Prada in the US and assured South African fans that they will be visiting soon.


I would like to predict who the replacement act would be but honestly it would all be wishful thinking.

If I had a million on stake I might say it is Arch Enemy. They are currently off the road and their first official tour date is only in July so I doubt that they would quit writing new material and head down to South Africa or would they?

Arch Enemy's frontwoman Angela

Arch Enemy’s vocalist Angela.

Well seeing that Ramfest is 2 months before they actually start their tour makes it possible but highly unlikely.

Like I said wishful thinking. There might be tons of bands that fit similar criteria but we won’t know until we know right?

I am set on being at Ramfest 2013 regardless whether a new act is announced or not.

Who do you predict the replacement is if there is one at all?


Replacement for AILD @ Ramfest 2013?

According to Ramfest fan Tayla Rohlandt a replacement for As I Lay Dying has been found.

“On RAMfest’s twitter account somebody asked if they had found a replacement and RAMfest replied looks like it, so I’m pretty sure we should know soon about the replacement”  Tuesday at 6:05pm

People have been flooding the RAMfest page in the hope that their favorite band nomination would be chosen as a replacement but unfortunately replacing major bands like As I Lay Dying is never easy because who would they choose?

Honestly after listening to As I Lay Dying I came to realize that there is no replacement for this band. There is no other band that sounds the same at all therefore I would be glad with any other band performing.  I would look at the new band in their own right.

35 days and counting till mayhem!

Monster Energy Alternative Stage (CPT)

METAL4AFRICA.COM is back at RAMfest Cape Town. Never before has local metal / alternative looked this good!

F r i. 0 8 M a r c h :*
00h00 – ..ING
23h00 – Facing The Gallows
22h00 – Haggis & Bong
21h00 – Juggernaught
20h00 – Chromium
19h00 – All Will Fall
18h00 – Four A Penny

S a t. 0 9 M a r c h :*
23h30 – Megalodon
22h30 – Strident
21h30 – Marching Dead
20h30 – Wildernessking
19h30 – Stellitius
18h30 – Pestroy
17h30 – Bleeding Spawn

Who Will Replace As I Lay Dying?

I don’t know about you guys but here is a list I compiled of bands I wont mind replacing AILD for Ramfest 2013.

We can only hope that AILD can make it for Ramfest 2014

† From Autumn To Ashes
† Graveworm
† Five Finger Death Punch
† Arch Enemy
† Lamb of God (Unavailable.)
† Children of Bodom
† Killswitch Engage (Unavailable.)
† The Black Dahlia Murder
† The Agony Scene
† Beneath The Sky
† Slipknot
† The Devil Wears Prada (Unavailable. Touring with AILD.)
† Scary Kids Scaring Kids
† Haste the Day (Unavailable, group disbanded in March 2011.)
† Asking Alexandria (Unavailable)
† August Burns Red
† Senses Fail
† Nightwish
† Murderdolls
† Raised Fist
† One Man Army And The Undead Quartet (Unavailable, group disbanded in 2012.)
† Cannibal Corpse
† Blood For Blood
† Suicide Silence (Unavailable, Vocalist passed away on 1 NoV 2012.)
† War Of Ages
† Amon Amarth
† DevilDriver (Unavailable)
† Slayer
† Flyleaf
† Burn in Silence
† Cock & Ball Torture
† Disturbed
† Dethklok
† Parkway Drive (Unavailable)
† Avenged Sevenfold
† All That Remains

Comment what bands you would like to see at Ramfest!