Who Will Replace As I Lay Dying?

I don’t know about you guys but here is a list I compiled of bands I wont mind replacing AILD for Ramfest 2013.

We can only hope that AILD can make it for Ramfest 2014

† From Autumn To Ashes
† Graveworm
† Five Finger Death Punch
† Arch Enemy
† Lamb of God (Unavailable.)
† Children of Bodom
† Killswitch Engage (Unavailable.)
† The Black Dahlia Murder
† The Agony Scene
† Beneath The Sky
† Slipknot
† The Devil Wears Prada (Unavailable. Touring with AILD.)
† Scary Kids Scaring Kids
† Haste the Day (Unavailable, group disbanded in March 2011.)
† Asking Alexandria (Unavailable)
† August Burns Red
† Senses Fail
† Nightwish
† Murderdolls
† Raised Fist
† One Man Army And The Undead Quartet (Unavailable, group disbanded in 2012.)
† Cannibal Corpse
† Blood For Blood
† Suicide Silence (Unavailable, Vocalist passed away on 1 NoV 2012.)
† War Of Ages
† Amon Amarth
† DevilDriver (Unavailable)
† Slayer
† Flyleaf
† Burn in Silence
† Cock & Ball Torture
† Disturbed
† Dethklok
† Parkway Drive (Unavailable)
† Avenged Sevenfold
† All That Remains

Comment what bands you would like to see at Ramfest!


As I Lay Crying…

It’s worth taking a look at the As I Lay Dying Official Facebook page to see all the anger aimed towards them for droping us for RAMfest2013 here is one we like:

“Ah I see, the South African Ramfest tour was cancelled because American tours take preference. Well in that case, consider my preference for listening to your music discontinued.”

Remember bands, bailing on South Africa is not cool.

Source: It’s not a World Tour if you don’t come to Africa.

This is hoax status update  faked by an angry fan!

This is hoax status update faked by an angry fan!