Tomorrow is judgementday!

The 6th of February is judgement day as Ramfest will hopefully announce the replacement act for As I Lay Dying.

As I Lay Dying recently cancelled their Ramfest gig and decided to tour with The Devil Wears Prada in the US and assured South African fans that they will be visiting soon.


I would like to predict who the replacement act would be but honestly it would all be wishful thinking.

If I had a million on stake I might say it is Arch Enemy. They are currently off the road and their first official tour date is only in July so I doubt that they would quit writing new material and head down to South Africa or would they?

Arch Enemy's frontwoman Angela

Arch Enemy’s vocalist Angela.

Well seeing that Ramfest is 2 months before they actually start their tour makes it possible but highly unlikely.

Like I said wishful thinking. There might be tons of bands that fit similar criteria but we won’t know until we know right?

I am set on being at Ramfest 2013 regardless whether a new act is announced or not.

Who do you predict the replacement is if there is one at all?


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