Replacement for AILD @ Ramfest 2013?

According to Ramfest fan Tayla Rohlandt a replacement for As I Lay Dying has been found.

“On RAMfest’s twitter account somebody asked if they had found a replacement and RAMfest replied looks like it, so I’m pretty sure we should know soon about the replacement”  Tuesday at 6:05pm

People have been flooding the RAMfest page in the hope that their favorite band nomination would be chosen as a replacement but unfortunately replacing major bands like As I Lay Dying is never easy because who would they choose?

Honestly after listening to As I Lay Dying I came to realize that there is no replacement for this band. There is no other band that sounds the same at all therefore I would be glad with any other band performing.  I would look at the new band in their own right.

35 days and counting till mayhem!

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