Religious extremists cancelled Ramfest Bloemfontein

There seem to be many people querying the status of the now non existent Bloemfontein leg of the Ramfest 2013 music festival.

Now before I continue I would just like to urge my views expressed in this article or anywhere I tend to post, comment, publish are my opinion and I do not want to subjectively force my opinion down your throat even though I know many christians do not express the same courtesy towards us metal heads. I do not want this posting turning into a religious debate.

I do however want to inform you. Metal heads are not given consideration at all, our human rights are being violated and I will tell you why.

Religious factions like the ones who exist in Bloemfontein and the South African Council of Churches, who also protested when Lady Gaga toured SA late in 2012, does not respect our basic human rights.

I choose to listen to heavy metal music instead of hip hop music which incite violence, rape and other criminal activities, yet which is uncensored by these religious extremists.

They ask us to respect their religion which is a fair request? Yes, of course but then we expect some respect in return.

Our music events do not force anyone to go. Our music event should be respected and should not be imposed upon by protests.

The quality of my life is affected as soon as these religious extremists crossed the line.

Hopefully this will give you an insight to how wrong this really is.

All the people who would have attended the Bloemfontein leg of Ramfest 2013 will now have to either go to Cape Town, Johannesburg or to the Durban leg of the tour. Increasing carbon omissions considerably by these religious extremists under oath, protectors of the earth.

How the fuck did they manage to cancel Ramfest BFN 2013?
Simple. These religious extremist gave the Bloemfontein venue an ultimatum. Threatening to boycott  future use of the venues. Unfortunately these venues rely on regular clients using the facilities for business day in and day out.


This gathering follows a protest that was held by the South African Council of Churches in Pretoria last week.

This gathering follows a protest that was held by the South African Council of Churches in Pretoria last week.


This bullshit has to stop.

We as South African are a diverse society rich full of culture. I too belong to a culture. I am a metal head. I have a right to see artists of my choosing without being subjected to discrimination.

We need to unite and show these religious extremist that we out number them so it’s time for them to respect us as they want us to respect them.

Please note: I do not have insider information. What I know I read on the Ramfest Facebook page.  So some facts are only assumptions but you can bet they are very accurate.



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